Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 2011 Restaurant

This month Flynn put on another dinner. This one was not themed but consisted of 14 planned courses, while he only served 13 due to the fact that he was running past his bedtime. The night was well received by all the guests, although Flynn had cut his finger pretty badly earlier during a frantic prep. Flynn fought through the pain and produced what I would say was one of his best dinners yet! 

pear juice with lime zest
tomato soup with burrata, two types of heirloom tomatoes, micro basil, lettuces, salt and pepper mist 

salmon with lemon cous cous, curry pudding, eggplant puree

cod cake with tomato saffron sauce and arugula pudding
In my last post, I took a picture of mysterious, brown egg things. To my surprise, they were actually the filling for his raviolis. Flynn explained to me that they were a combination of mushroom stock and butter that was gelatinized. Once they are heated up in a ravioli, they turn to liquid and explode in the eater's mouth. 

mushroom "soup dumpling" with sauteed mushrooms, parmesan, wilted romaine
Flynn plating with new staff members Alice and Savannah 

sous vide strip loin with polenta, roasted tomato, red wine blackberry sauce, parsnip chips, dehydrated olives, roasted garlic
frozen salad
sous vide lamb loin with fried mashed potatoes, sauce choron (béarnaise sauce with tomato puree)
compressed pineapple infused with mango juice, compressed cucumber infused with lime juice, kiwi, watermelon, cilantro

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