Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing Flynn's Summer Menu!

English Pea Pancake, Olive Oil Pudding, Chamomile Foam, Prosciutto Chips, Chamomile Flowers
 Asparagus, Egg Yolk Gel, Spinach Pudding, Lemon Pudding, Pancetta Chips, Baby Spinach Leaves
 Sesame Cured Scallop, Compressed Watermelon, Pickled Daikon, Candied Mustard Seeds, Micro Cilantro
 Strawberry Gazpacho, Onion Croutons, Grapefruit Segments, Pickled Cauliflower, Olive Rings, Black Pepper, Basil, Shaved Onion

 Roasted Wild Mushrooms, White Bean Coffee Puree, Black Vinegar, Thyme Flowers, Upland Cress, Scallion Curls

 Confit Copper River Salmon, Morels, Morel Puree, Salmon Skin Chip, Wild Fennel, Agretti, Pine Reduction, Macerated Shallots

 Sous Vide Hangar Steak, Radish Puree, Caramelized Radish, Pickled Peach, Purslane, Flavors of Salsa Verde
 Aerated Cucumber Ice, Cherry Lime and Flower Jus, Cucumber Rolls, Honeydew. Pansies
Goats Milk and Lavender Panna Cotta, Raspberry Puree, Pistachio Puree, Broken Raspberries, Pistacho Crumble, Oxalis
 Chocolate Ganache, Sweet Pea Cake, Curdled Vanilla Pudding, Strawberry Puree, Vacuum Infused Strawberries, Chocolate Mint

Friday, June 22, 2012

NBC Nightly News

Flynn was recently on NBC Nightly News! If you didn't get a chance to see it and would like to, links are posted below:

Eureka! at Playa

Flynn's newest escapade was taking over the Hollywood restaurant Playa for one night only! I was there to witness this feat and documented it in the video below. Enjoy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dining With Flynn Dot Com

The website Dining with Flynn is up! 

The New Yorker

The journalist Christopher Noxon, who came to both the January and February dinners at Eureka, has published his article in The New Yorker for this week (April 23rd). Go pick it up on news stands now.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

February Restaurant

The February Restaurant was almost like every other one we've had. There were 10 courses with 17 diners, but among the 17 there was journalist Christopher Noxon who came back to Eureka to do a story for The New Yorker about Flynn and his supper club at our home. Also in attendance was Esquire Magazine's Chef of the Year John Sedler, owner of Playa and Rivera, who met Flynn at a Ray's event and was impressed by his talent and his age as most people are. Also, another difference of the night was that I was given a very new job. Flynn reluctantly asked me to be his expeditor. For those of you who don't work in a kitchen, an expeditor is the person who calls out orders and makes sure the kitchen is on track. I managed to successfully execute my task, although not exactly going by Flynn's and professional kitchen's overly demanding rules of writing the time when food goes out and was started. Then again I only had three tables. 

The following is a video edited together by our mother with photographs of the night taken by our dad and myself.

January Restaurant

For the January restaurant, Flynn kept the dishes essentially the same except for a few differences in the plating and the addition of new ingredients. 

 Chilled Carrot Soup, Fines Herbs Mousse, Sorrel, Rosemary Flower
 Butternut Squash, Pomegranate Seeds, Prosciutto Chip, Manchego, Sherry Vinegar Gelee, Olive Puree, Arugula
Pan Rosted Branzino, Red Pepper Puree, Chickpea Cakes, Braised Romaine, Green Olives
Duck, Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, Duck Jus
72 Hour Short Rib, Black Vinegar, Japanese Mushrooms, Coffee and Celery Root Puree
Pistachio Cake, Banana Creme Brulee Ice Cream, Banana Chip, Caramel
Chocolate, Orange, Coconut, Mint, Sesame Shortbread
Attending this dinner was a table of Flynn's co-workers of Ray's and Stark Bar, pictured above, and the journalist Christopher Noxon.