Sunday, April 15, 2012

January Restaurant

For the January restaurant, Flynn kept the dishes essentially the same except for a few differences in the plating and the addition of new ingredients. 

 Chilled Carrot Soup, Fines Herbs Mousse, Sorrel, Rosemary Flower
 Butternut Squash, Pomegranate Seeds, Prosciutto Chip, Manchego, Sherry Vinegar Gelee, Olive Puree, Arugula
Pan Rosted Branzino, Red Pepper Puree, Chickpea Cakes, Braised Romaine, Green Olives
Duck, Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, Duck Jus
72 Hour Short Rib, Black Vinegar, Japanese Mushrooms, Coffee and Celery Root Puree
Pistachio Cake, Banana Creme Brulee Ice Cream, Banana Chip, Caramel
Chocolate, Orange, Coconut, Mint, Sesame Shortbread
Attending this dinner was a table of Flynn's co-workers of Ray's and Stark Bar, pictured above, and the journalist Christopher Noxon. 


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  3. Very interesting, I especially like the color of the dishes!

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